Date Night A Bust, Nee A New Car?

Posted on December 06, 2016 by

Embarrassed about date night because of your car?

Embarrassed about seeing your latest date in old faithful? We have all been there, we met this perfect someone, and now its date night. We spend lots of time preparing.. new haircut, favorite pair of shoes perfect shirt that makes you look good.. and even used have a gallon of mouthwash. T

hen we step out on the front porch and there she is.. old faithful this is when you realize your car is looking less like that reliable friend and more like the bad dressed embarrassing wing man. 

It's time to trade her in and get newer ride. Are you stressed out because you have no down payment? and now looking at how you are going to make this happen? Or maybe you have just finished school and just got a new job and not sure you can be approved? Or maybe you have had some challenges in your past credit history and think you have bad credit issues No Problem! These are all challenges but very easy to deal with. Talk to one of Quick Car Loans many auto credit specialists as they have a variety of vehicle financing tools to help.  


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