Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Credit

Vehicle Finance Questions  

Q - Is Quick Car Loans secure?

A - Yes. is a 100% safe and secure. We use advanced encryption giving you the piece of mind you deserve. We take care to ensure your personal information is secure.

Q - What factors are considered for calculating interest rate and payments?

A - There a number of factors that affect your interest rate and payments like your loan term, loan amount, vehicle age, credit score, etc. You can estimate your monthly payments by using our car loan calculator.

Q - Why do you need my personal information?

A - We use your personal information to provide you the car loan program that best suits your budget. We wouldn’t be able to find the right match without your personal information. Look at the Quick Car Loans Privacy Policy to see how we put your personal information to the best use finding you the best car loan deal.

Q - How long does it take?

A - You will be matched with a local partner representative within 30 minutes of your application and be contacted right away to discuss your options, so you can make a smart and informed decision. In many cases, we can have you drive your new car that very same day!

Q - What if I want to talk to someone? Can you be reached over the phone?

A - Yes! 

Q - How much auto financing can I qualify for?

Everyone’s situation is unique.  Submit your application today and one of our dealers will get in touch with you to discuss how much you qualify for and the best solution that fits your financial needs.Keep in mind that our service is no obligation and free of charge.

Q - How will this affect my credit rating?

Anytime you apply for a loan it is reported to the credit bureau. Our dealers are experienced in targeting lenders that are the right fit for your situation. This approach reduces the number of inquiries made against your credit. 

Q - Can you help me even though I have been turned down in the past for an auto loan?

A - Our dealers have years of experience helping people get an auto loan even if they have been turned down in the past for bad credit, no credit, even bankruptcy. Submit your application today and discuss your financing options one of our experienced dealers.

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iStock-177273446.jpgQ - I don’t have any credit; in fact I have never had credit before. Can you help?

A - Absolutely! Our dealers are experienced in getting no credit car loans.   

Q - Can you help me even though I am bankrupt?

A - Yes! Our dealers are experienced in acquiring loans for people facing current or past bankruptcies.

Q- What will the interest rate be on my next car loan?

A - Interest rates depend on each individual’s situation and the lender. Submit your application and one of your dealers will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding your options and provide more information on Canadian interest rates.

Q - No really, I have really bad credit, are you sure I will still get approved?

A - Yes! We will match you with one of our dealers specializing in difficult credit situations.   

Q - I have a bruised credit rating can I still get approved?

A - Yes! We will match you with one of our dealers with years of experience dealing with bruised and bad credit situations. 

Q - How much does it cost?

A - FREE! Our application process is provided free of charge. We are committed to providing the best service, advice, and options available to you. Submit your commitment free application and rest assured there is no need to commit to anything until we’ve found a plan that suits your needs. 

Q - How much down payment do I need to put?

A - $0! You don’t need a down payment to qualify for an auto loan. We have many zero down options to fit your financial needs. Any down payment will affect your loan amount, and we encourage you to discuss this with one of our dedicated dealers today. 

Q - I have a car to trade in will you take it?

A - Absolutely! It will even help lower your auto loan payments!

Q - What is the term and conditions that exist with my auto loan?

A - The terms and conditions are specific within each personal situation. One of our experienced dealers will discuss the best options for your specific needs.

Q - Do I get to select the vehicle I want?

A - Yes. Our dealers will thoroughly discuss our full inventory of vehicles and you can select the vehicle that meets all of your needs and budget.

Q - Are there any credit situations you can’t deal with?

No! Our dealers work with all major and specialized lenders in Canada. There isn’t a credit situation we cant handle; good credit, bad credit, no credit, current or past bankruptcy’s, divorce, new to the country, self employed and collections to name a few.

Q - How long does the process take?

A - Within 30 minutes you will be matched up with a local dealer and they will contact you right away. In many circumstances we can have you driving away in your new vehicle on the same day! Apply now and start driving today.

Q - What do you do with my application once I submit it?

A - We specialize in helping people in difficult credit situations. We work with dealers to find the most experienced representative for your personal situation. You will receive a call from one of our specialists shortly to discuss your car loan options.


Q - What if i did not find my question and or answer here?

A- contact us and we will get back to you within a couple of hours !! its that simple!


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