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Building Your Credit Using Auto Loans 

Quick Car Loans Knows what its like there are always situations that are out of our hands. We are here to help, and if you have:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce
  • New To Canada
  • Bad Credit No Credit
  • No Job or Just got a job
  • Student

Quick Car Loans is committed to helping all our clients take the steps to either build their credit from scratch or rebuild their credit using monthly successful payments on your car loan. Using the historical surrounding car payments being successfully handled, but doing so by offering affordable payment plans in paying down your vehicle while building your credit reputation.

So to summarize why not get a new vehicle and drive your way to credit freedom?


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Not sure if you are want to buy a new car but are looking at options for refinancing my current vehicle? we can help contact us today and explore our various refinacing optios to help you with any of your needs.

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