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If you have bad credit, you’re not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of Canadians who are worried about their credit – you can stop worrying! Don’t let a bad credit stand in the way of getting the vehicle you deserve! We’ve helped other people, good credit or bad, as we can help you, too.


Poor credit should not hinder anyone’s ability to get a car. A few credit blemishes really do not matter to us. If you use our free, fast, and secure service, we will help get you the car you need. We view the chances of someone with poor credit getting a vehicle just as likely as someone who has excellent credit, that is our guarantee. Don’t let your poor credit drag you down and think that you can not or will not get the vehicle you want. We can and will help you get the vehicle you deserve!


So you have no credit and you’re wondering if you are eligible for a car loan? The answer is yes. Your credit rating does not matter, and whether you want another car or are getting one for the first time, we will help you in doing so. We get hundreds of new drivers the car loan for a vehicle they want every single day, regardless of having credit or not. We believe that everyone deserves the ability to own their own car, even if they have absolutely no credit!


Have you claimed bankruptcy and are worried about not being able to get the car you need? Filing for bankruptcy should not have an impact on the ability to get the vehicle you need, and that’s where we come in! Whether you have filed for bankruptcy in the past or not, it does not matter to us. We will help you get the vehicle financing you need! Don’t let a blemish in your credit history have an impact on your ability to drive. 


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