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Vehicle Finance Rates

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Looking for the perfect vehicle but don't want to break the bank? and you know that if you buy new that a quarter of the value evaporates once you drive off the auto dealers lot?

Look no further Quick Car Loans is Alberta's only truly independent auto credit support, why you ask? we are not owned or operated by any individual auto dealer or from any specific bank. We look at your profile and connect you with the best credit provider its that simple.

Financing with Bad Credit ?

If you're having challenges getting approved, Quick Car Loans has various auto dealers with various credit options for almost every credit situation. Let Quick Car loans financing tools and Auto rate specialists help you get the ride you want at an affordable auto loan rate.

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Quick Car Loans is not restricted to one auto dealer. We work with a variety of dealers and will select a dealership with the best rates and most selection of vehicles to best meet your needs.

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  • No Obligation
  • Hassle Free
  • Fast Approvals

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Quick Car Loans is one of the only truly independent auto credit providers in Alberta. We are not part of a local auto dealership nor are we run by the bank. Why does this matter? It means that we have the flexibility to connect you to the best auto dealer or credit to meet your needs. It's that simple! We are here to find the ride you want at a price you can afford. Quick Car Loans can help you!

Whether you need new or Used Car financing or if you don't have a Down Payment it's no problem! We're here to help you get the car you want at a price you can really afford.


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